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This page will continue to be updated with resources from a variety of sources on a variety of topics.  Mostly, we will focus on providing information important to you and your family's needs.  With over 30 years of experience, Zara and her team will ensure you are provided information that is current and accurate.  If a resource is linked to another site, please note that resource was not created by Zeringue & Associates Law Firm. At Zeringue & Associates Law Firm, we are proud to serve individuals and families throughout St. Tammany (including Covington, Mandeville, etc.), Jefferson (including Metairie, Gretna, etc.) and Orleans Parishes (New Orleans). 

Geaux'ing to Virtual Court

To join a virtual hearing, CLICK HERE.

The Website You Need To Access Is:

Scroll down and click on your  Parishes Link

• Click on Join Video Conference Button

• Scroll down And click on the Hearing Officer Conferences Button

• That will bring you to the Hearing Officer Conference Page.

Scroll Down for the Buttons.

• Each Hearing Officer will have their own button and their Docket will be posted by their name at 4:00 P.M. The business date before the Hearing Officer Conference.

• The day of the Hearing Officer Conference you will go onto the webpage and click on your Hearing Officers’ Button.

Photo of chest of man adjusting his tie who is going to court.

Frequently referenced documents for court:

What is a Family Law Affidavit? 

Click here to view the Family Law Affidavit.

The Family Law Affidavit (see Appendix 23.0B) must be exchanged between the parties, along with all required documentation, at least five business days prior to the Hearing Officer Conference. The original Family Law Affidavit and required documentation must be presented to the Hearing Officer at the start of the Hearing Officer Conference. The Family Law Affidavit is not required to be filed into the record unless a party objects to a Hearing Officer’s written recommendation. If an objection is timely filed, any objecting party shall file their original Family Law Affidavit and documentation presented at the Hearing Officer Conference, simultaneously with the filing of their written objection. Any objecting party shall provide a copy of their written objection to all other parties when it is filed with the Clerk of Court. All other parties have five days from the date they are provided a copy of the objection, to file with the Clerk of Court their original court ordered Family Law Affidavit and documentation presented at the Hearing Officer Conference.

Disinheriting Children 

In 2020, Zara Zeringue  volunteered with The Pro Bono Project to present a video on this topic of much interest: disinheriting children.  

Recommended Reading 

Over the years, we've found the following books to be tried and true. 

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