Take All Child Custody Matters Seriously

August 14, 2018
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Making plans for your children after you and your ex decide to end the marriage can be challenging. The child custody agreement has to get hashed as quickly as possible so that your child can enjoy the consistency that comes with a solid agreement.
There are many different issues that you and your ex need to work out. If you can work together with your ex to come up with the terms of the agreement, you will be able to get the process over with a lot sooner. Here are some special considerations for child custody negotiations:
Make plans for both parents to spend time with the child
The schedule you use to govern who has the child when is one of the most important decisions you will make. This might be a schedule that is the same throughout the year. However, there are some occupations that might require a bit more flexibility with the schedule. You can come up with a guideline about who gets the children when. This might be based on the child’s school schedule or the parents’ work schedule.
Decide what is going to happen during vacations from school
When your children aren’t old enough to stay home alone for a day, you have to determine what will happen when they are on vacations from school. This might be a time when a sitter, daycare or family member will need to care for the child. If you know that you have a school vacation coming up, you can make plans for the child without having to rush at the last second to get it done.
Determine who will make decisions about the child’s upbringing
Decisions about your child’s upbringing can be handled in several ways. You and your ex might work together to come up with the decisions, but you do have other options. You can decide on a parent to make decisions in a specific area, such as education or healthcare. Determining how these major decisions will be handled can help you plan for them.
Set plans for what will happen in emergencies
Think about what is going to happen when there is an emergency. For example, decide if one parent can make potentially life-saving decisions if the other parent isn’t available. Determine who will be responsible for getting the child if there is a hurricane or another natural disaster. All of these decisions can be hard to make when you are stressed out due to the emergency so think carefully about them now.


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